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These cryptocurrencies should be in your head right now

Cryptocurrencies are the thought in every investor’s mind. It’s a topic that is popping like hot popcorn on every business media outlook, rightfully for its volatile price highs and lows. If you’ve thought about investing in Bitcoins, hold that thought because there are plenty of other cryptocurrencies in the market that have the potential to grow and get your profits. Wondering where to start? This article will answer all your questions


1. Ethereum (Ether)

After Bitcoin, this is the second most valuable crypto coin in the world. It’s more than just a cryptocurrency, the blockchain-based platform that supports Ether is the first one to introduce smart contracts which allow developers to make an application based on it. The transaction speed of Ether is also pretty quick compared to Bitcoin.

Highest spike: $ $4,300

Ether’s price today: $4,249


2. Ripple (XRP)

Ripple was created in 2012 with a unique thought in mind, to solve problems related to international payment transfers. Traditionally, international money transfer takes about a week but Ripple can make it happen in a few seconds. Out of all the cryptocurrencies right now, Ripple is one of the few that is being tested for real-world use. So buying this cryptocurrency will be a wise decision.

Highest Spike: $2.21

Ripple’s price today: $1.4


3. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

This is not Bitcoin but a part of it. When the Bitcoin developers were unable to alter the changes in Bitcoin’s code, they made BCH. The new codes made Bitcoin Cash faster than Bitcoins.

Highest Spike: $3,721

Bitcoin Cash’s price today: $1,440


4. Cardano (ADA)

Ethereum’s co-founder created Cardano with the ability of smart contracts. Compared to Ether, Cardano has the 3rd most advanced blockchain technology out of the lot, which makes this a secure investment.

Highest Spike: $1.72

Cardano’s price today: $1.72


5. Litecoin

Litecoin was created by an ex-Google employee on the blockchain technology of Bitcoin, but improved. The reason it’s called a ‘Lite’ coin is that the transaction speed is 2.5 minutes, faster than Bitcoin’s 10 minutes. It’s one of the most steady cryptocurrencies for 7 years.

Highest Spike: $364

Litecoin’s price today: $360


6. EOS

Compared to Ether, EOS is a lot more scalable because of its advanced mechanism, a combination of Delegated Proof of Stake and Byzantine Fault Tolerance to verify transactions. This makes EOS the most secure cryptocurrency to make transactions.

Highest Spike: $0.87

EOS’s price today: $0.665


7. Stellar (XLM)

Stellar was created by the founder of Ripple with the same aim to facilitate cross-border payments. Compared to Ripple, Stellar is more decentralized and has strategic partnerships with over 30 banks.

Highest Spike: $ 0.8971

Stellar’s price today: $0.6757



IOTA is the most unique cryptocurrency of all as it uses a new protocol investigation called “Tangle” and not blockchain technology. The biggest advantage of IOTA is the zero transaction fee.

Highest Spike: $5.35

IOTA’s price today: $2.03


9. NEO

NEO has the speed to complete 10,000 transactions per second. NEO is one of the few crypto coins that supports C++, C#, Go, JAVA, making it the programmer’s favorite.

Highest Spike: $100

NEO’s price today: $108.26


10. Bitcoin

No list is incomplete without Bitcoin. The most popular and the highest valued crypto in the world, despite all its cons, if you have the funds to invest, buy Bitcoins. There’s no doubt about its growth as it’s a loyal option for many investors globally.

Highest spike: $60,000

Bitcoin’s price today: $55,593