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 Are you using social media to recruit employees? You should be. According to Independent.co.uk, 1/3 of all employers use social media to recruit. Social media is the best place to target job seekers who are already interested in your company. It’s cost-effective and delivers a solid return on investment.

Now you can’t just create a Facebook or Twitter page, post a few jobs, and expect to get results. Social media is all about building a loyal and engaged audience who are fans of your company’s brand and culture. To do this you need to constantly promote your business via social media.

The things that you post on social media define your brand. Monster.com has a list of things that you can post on social media that job seekers like to see:

  • A Day In the Life
  • Insights Into Your Company Culture
  • Industry News
  • Community News
  • How-To Information
  • Ask Your Audience Questions
  • Job Openings

Start posting things like this daily. Engage your users. Use hashtag. Create a positive and welcoming atmosphere that attracts people who are fans of your company. Be sure to utilize different social media outlets, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Vine

Find the social media outlets that line up the best with your target audience. Then once you have a loyal following turn your social connections into your future hires. Social media is the perfect place to post job openings, recruitment events, and other job-related information. The people who see it will be the ones who are already fans of your cool company and are more likely to apply for your jobs or share it with their friends who are interested in that type of position.

Social recruiting is one of the best ways to recruit new hires in today’s wired world. It creates a loyal following of true fans of your company from around the world. Build your social presence now and you’ll save your company money and time. Plus, you’ll be able to efficiently find more new hires. You need to recruit using social media.

Do You Recruit Using Social Media? You Should.

 Most online freelance writers will tell you that their least favorite part of the job is dealing with SEO rules. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” and although these rules can be annoying, they are the primary way text is found on the Internet, so most people hiring freelance writers want these rules to be used. Of course, that means if you own your own website, they’re also important.

When someone is looking for information on a specific topic, they usually use a search engine like Yahoo! or Google to find websites about that topic. For example, one might type “carpet cleaning tips” to figure out how to clean their carpet. If you’re someone running a carpet cleaning company, you want your website to appear first on the search engine’s result list. With thousands of other carpet cleaning websites out there, how can you achieve a high ranking?

The phrase typed into the search engine, in this case, “carpet cleaning tips,” is called a keyword. Search engines have programs that look at websites (yes, ALL websites, millions of them) and catalog keywords. These are called “spiders” and they scan the Internet regularly, so that when someone types in a keyword, they can provide relevant results. Of course, spiders aren’t human, so they aren’t subjectively looking at websites to see their relevance. Instead, they look at a website objectively.

First, they’ll look to see how prevalent the keyword in question is on your website. Headings, picture file names, links, and general text are all scanned. So, have a page on your website called “Ten Carpet Cleaning Tips” and you use the keyword “carpet cleaning tips” throughout the article (and especially in the first paragraph). Soon you’ll automatically be on your way to appearing high on the list for that keyword.

You can overdo it. When spiders were first being developed, people would scam by putting completely irrelevant strings of words on their sites, just to get people there through keywords. Today, if the keyword appears too many times, it will actually hurt your rankings. For writers, it is a very fine line to walk.

Keywords aren’t the only thing that matters. Your page is also ranked according to how popular it is, how many people link back to you (which indicates that you’re a credible source), and so forth. Search engines are continuously reworking their ranking system to ensure that people aren’t working the system so to speak, but at the end of the day, it really comes down to the writing. As a writer, if you can make keywords sound interesting, you’ll be hired again and again.

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